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Silk Pillow Case
Silk Pillow Case
Silk Pillow Case

Silk Pillow Case

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This Pillow Case is a part of our Own Your Beautiful Night Wear Collection. These pieces do not really show one race, more like it brings together what society once said wasn't beautiful. Like red hair, afro hair, dark skin, Vitiligo, and more. Showing that we are all beautiful

Designer Silk Pillowcases

Designer Silk Pillowcases

  • 100% silk satin for luxury feel
  • Expertly handmade to order
  • Frictionless, soft and indulgent
  • Reactive printing for a bright and wide color depth
  • 29.1" x 18.9"

Care instructions

Dry clean only recommended, can be hand washed in cold water with silk detergent.

  • Hand Wash
  • Low Heat
  • Dry Cleaning