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Hajinèt Beauty

Hair Boost Oil Set

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Peppermint & Nettle oil benefits : This oil mix increases circulation to the scalp, strengthens, and promotes hair growth

Hair Growth oil benefits: This oil mix contains lots of herbs that enhances your hair growth like Rosemary, Lavender, Nettle, and Fenugreek. You will be feeding your hair nutrients.

Fenugreek & Burdock oil benefits : This oil mix fights against dandruff and scalp irritation. Also strengthens and promotes hair growth.

Rosemary oil benefits : Our rosemary extract oil will help your hair grow stronger preventing lots of hair shed. This oil will also promote hair growth.


For hair types BC through 4C Apply oil to scalp and massage your scalp for 5 minutes. Apply every 2 days.

For hair types 2A through 3B Apply oil to scalp massage scalp for 10 minutes then was hair.


Rosemary, Castor oil, Lavender, Fenugreek, Burdock, Calendula, Chamomile, Peppermint Horsetail, Sage, Hope, Nettle, Gress Basil, Green tea, and Jasmine