What is Hair Water?

What is Hair Water?

I know a few people are thinking... Why Hair Water? What is Hair Water? I use tap water when washing my hair. Why can’t I use it when styling my hair?

Well, I created Hair Water as an alternative product. When styling my hair I would always grab my spray bottle and put tap water inside to wet my hair up. Over time you would see mold and bacteria build up in the spray bottle. Not to mention tap water itself is not as clean as it use to be.

As the hair community learns more and more about what products are best for our hair. One of the most important things is ph balanced hair care products.

Did you know even though you took out the time to purchase a ph balanced product, as soon as you spray the tap water on top of that product you have massage it in. The product then has a high ph balance.    

That's actually why we created Hair water. Our hair water is ph balanced and contains nutrients that benefits our hair..

Our Hair water is infused with hibiscus flower.


Hibiscus contains vitamin C, which thickens hair, stops hair loss, treats dandruff, prevents frizz, and strengthens the hair strands. Also the water is ph balanced! It contains a drop of glycerin to lock in moisture. Our hair water has a natural preservative to keep the product fresh until next use, no mold or bacteria!

This Hair water is great for all hair types! Our Hair water leaves your hair shining, refreshed, and ready for the next style.    





Give it a try and see the difference in your hair care routine!  https://hajinetbeauty.com/products/hair-water   

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