Understanding Our Mission

Understanding Our Mission

Hajinèt Beauty is all about embracing your natural beauty. It's about getting to know your body. We want you to look at yourself and love every part of you. 
Have you ever looked in the mirror and didn't even recognize yourself? Maybe, you just didn't actually see yourself, maybe you are stuck on what you're supposed to look like. Maybe you decided you don't want to look at yourself in the mirror anymore until you figure it out. We should embrace every stage our bodies go through. We will then start to understand and love ourselves. 
We look at other people's appearances thinking that's how I'm supposed to look. Though we all are uniquely different, we work towards looking the same. Some people work out, add on things like makeup, lashes, clothes, and etc. To be honest growing up I always imagined I would be tall, have straight hair, light skin with a small waist, flat stomach, average size bust and an a**. Well ha now I know that is false. We were literally a group of kids talking and we all had this image of what we would look like, Not realizing we all have different forms. Where do we get these images? Maybe growing up and seeing people decide what's beautiful and what's not. Sometimes not their exact words but their actions.
I went through a stage where I tried to do straight texture hairstyles to my black girl hair. I would request loose curl hairstyles and it would not turn out the same way. I would even try to do the hairstyles myself and I would be like what the hell. Not knowing the black girl magic I possessed.
I want to challenge you to look into the mirror and not see what you want to look like but see yourself. Not that you want to lose weight. Not that your hair looks crazy. I don't care if you just got off work, out of school, or class. look at yourself don't question it. What do you love most about yourself?
Stay tuned for the next blog! While doing these blogs I hope to bring all people together in the beauty industry. For we learn about each other. So we can stop asking people to touch their hair.
- Tenijah Renee  

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When, I first transitioned to my natural hair, I usually struggled with my look.


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